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The BBS Revolution™

The world's first truly automatic bladder scanner

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Our proprietary technology combines the power and safety of ultrasound with sophisticated image processing electronics and software to provide a bladder volume measurement that is:





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The technology inside the BBS Revolution™ uses 8 individual transducers to create a detailed and wide-angle data set of the patient’s pelvis. This enables the device to automatically locate and measure the bladder without intervention from the user. This stands in sharp contrast to every other scanner on the market that all use a single transducer and require the user to precisely aim them at the bladder before they can make a measurement. This typically requires the user to manipulate the scanner on the abdomen and then hold it very still during the measurement before getting a volume.


The BBS Revolution has a completely wireless probe which sends the volume result to the display console. The communication range is over 30 feet, allowing the display console to be positioned remotely from the scanner.


There is an important infection prevention benefit to this feature:

  • The display console cart can remain outside the room for patients in an isolation setting and only the wireless probe needs to be brought into the room. This mitigates the risk of patient-to-patient contamination from the cart and eliminates the need to disinfect the cart, a MAJOR time savings for the ​nurse.

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On each scan, the system performs a series of self-tests and system checks to ensure proper operation and adjustment of the device. This confirms the device is working properly on every scan, eliminating the significant cost and inconvenience of an annual calibration, a weakness of other scanners on the market. The single BBS Revolution rotational motor is not subject to mechanical drift.

Ask yourself...

  • Do you want the fastest, easiest bladder scan results?

  • Do you want to stop 'hunting' for the bladder?

  • Do you want to cut your disinfection time in half?


  • First and only wireless bladder scanner to automatically locate the bladder. No aiming required!

  • First and only multiple transducer bladder scanner.

  • First bladder scanner with a barcode to simply and easily transmit the result to an EMR/EHR.

  • The only bladder scanner based on 25+ years of research.

  • Eliminates gender/anatomy setup

  • 8 transducers provide 180° field of view that automatically locates the bladder

  • No annual maintenance or calibration required

  • Wireless probe simplifies disinfection

  • Elegantly simple design minimizes user training

Complete Device

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How easy is it to measure bladder volume using the BBS Revolution™ ?

With the BBS Revolution™ device it takes just one quick scan to get an accurate, reliable volume measurement.


Follow these simple steps:

1. Apply ultrasound gel to the patient
2. Position the scanner on the patient and apply pressure
3. Press the button to take a reading



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