BBS Revolution

Introducing the BBS Revolution™

The BBS Revolution is a new automated bladder scanner that introduces a unique, user friendly design.

  • Unprecedented ease of use
  • Wireless scanning probe
  • Sophisticated imaging technology
  • Automatic bladder localization

The world's first, truly automatic
bladder scanner.

BBS Revolution Clinical Benefits:

BBS Revolution

? Backlit LCD Console

? Wireless scanner

? Ultrasound Gel Holders

? Custom rolling cart with silent wheels

Next Generation Technology = Superior Ease of Use

  • Automatically locates bladder without aiming
  • Automatically detects male/female anatomy
  • Provides results you can trust
BBS Revolution 3 step process

The BBS Revolutivon is the easiest to use bladder scanner on the market. A measurement can be made with three simple steps:

  1. Lift the wireless probe and apply gel
  2. Place on the lower abdomen
  3. Press the button to take a reading

It is that easy.

Made in the USA

There is no need to select modes or aim the probe, it is one and done™ with the BBS Revolution.